Double in the Press!

​There are some nice things being said about Double in the media.  Here are a few blurbs from different articles.

"For the frequent traveller, it could be the perfect way to attend those urgent meetings while staying at home." - Mail Online UK

"…incredibly creative iPad stand that works as a robotic body double for you." - TechCrunch

"…brings telepresence to the masses" - Engadget

"It’s as if Apple designed the robot itself." - NYTimes

"Welcome to the future." - Uncrate

"The Double robot, on the other hand, brings the ease and simplicity synonymous with Apple products…" - redOrbit

"Double Robotics may have a hit on its hands…" - TUAW

"Simple to use" - Yahoo! News

"Double is different." - TIME

"We’ve seen a lot of cool accessories for the iPad over the years, but this one might just take the cake." - iDownloadBlog

"It's a looker, too, with a futuristic, minimalist design…" - IEEE Spectrum

"How cool would it be to roam Uffizi…" - Core77

"Double Robotics has created an awesome new style of telepresence robot…" - Geeky Gadgets

"…it’s sleek and beautiful and intelligent. In a word, sexy." - VentureBeat

"Ever wanted to go to the Louvre, but couldn’t afford it? Double Robotics has a device that one day might get you a little bit closer." - ZAGGBlog

"…an excellent entry into the telepresence robot space.." - Pilot Presence

"Double is exceptionally cool…" - TicaToca

"…a cutting edge user-robot experience…" - Toms Hardware

"…inexpensive for the market…" - Technabob

"…a unique robot…" - funkyspacemonkey

"I’m happy to say robots are walking among us, specifically, Double Robotics’ robots." - Dice

"the 'affordable' iPad robot" - CNET Australia

​Well, you get the idea!